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Author: Danny Baggs

Why omnichannel customer service should be a strategic priority

Investments in customer service don’t always achieve the desired results. Here’s why you may be throwing money down the drain.
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Digital interaction for stronger client relationships with Unblu

Unblu’s conversational platform empowers wealth management firms to strengthen client relationships by delivering an outstanding service experience.
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Assistive AI

Wealth managers should embrace their AI sidekick

Sometimes, I like thinking that AI stands for Assisted Intelligence and not Artificial Intelligence. It helps me think about how all these mind-blowing advancements in generative AI could and should be best used. It is common to come across people who are concerned about the risk of AI replacing a human role. This is not
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Are you prepared for the upcoming consumer duty deadlines?

Upcoming customer duty deadlines require communicating clearly with clients and ensuring they understand. How is your firm evidencing this?
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Wealth & relationship managers should prioritise secure messaging in 2023

Secure Messenger used correctly is a power tool to engage with Wealth clients and grow AUM.
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Customer centric online advisory

Client-centricity in wealth management communications: An Interview with Unblu’s Danny Baggs

Note: This blog post has been adapted from a podcast interview with Katie Royals, the managing editor of PAM insight.  In a wealth management context, the service that clients expect has undergone a transformation. Whereas in-person meetings and long lunches were once the norm, the digital impulse driving every sector is also redefining today’s client-advisor
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Where Compliance Meets Convenience in Advisory Communications

Within the financial services sector, it would be fair to say that the words compliance and convenience are not often associated with each other.
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Unblu at the Building Societies Annual Conference 2022: Event round-up

Unblu will be an exhibitor at the Building Societies Annual Conference. We look forward to discussing current challenges around member experience.
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The Video Meeting Fallacy: Why video alone isn't enough

As the pandemic shook up every aspect of working life, the urgency of digital transformation rapidly accelerated.
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The impact of COVID-19 in the wealth industry: mistakes, lessons and opportunities

COVID-19’s impact in the wealth industry demanded client-advisor relations go digital. The new standard? Multiple touchpoints for unique client needs.
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