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Author: Javier Puga

The most important customer experience trends in banking in 2024

Customer experience trends allow banks to better focus their digital transformation journeys. Here’s what’s important
Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Industry Trends, Retail Banking

Launching a new ebanking app? Facilitate adoption with Co-Apping

Updating or launching a new ebanking app? Help customers to get the most out of it by guiding them with Unblu Co-Apping.
Co-Browsing, Customer Experience

Can bank branches ensure customer service excellence and remain viable?

Bank branches offer unique value for customer service during key moments. But they need to transform to remain financially viable.
Customer Experience, Retail Banking, Unblu Branch, Unblu Platform

8 key retail banking trends in 2024

Discover the 8 most important retail banking trends to stand out from the competition and solidify your market share.
Digital Transformation, Retail Banking

How to improve customer engagement in banking

Strong customer experiences lead to larger purchases – provided you engage them at the right time.
Chatbots, Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Customer Experience, Retail Banking

Wealth apps: Improving the digital experience for your wealth management clients

Apps are an essential aspect of the modern wealth management digital experience. How can you leverage them to provide the best service?
Co-Browsing, Customer Experience, Wealth Management

Customer retention strategies for banks – what works?

There are two sides to customer growth: acquisition and retention. How do banks reduce churn to empower growth?
Customer Experience, Customer service, Retail Banking

Key digital banking statistics – and what they mean for banks

Digital banking statistics are showing a back and forth between challenges and opportunities
Customer Experience, Customer service, Digital Transformation, Industry Trends, Retail Banking

Customer service statistics and trends in digital banking

As financial institutions push for digital transformation, CX strategists should keep these 22 customer service statistics in mind.
Chatbots, Customer Experience, Industry Trends

Building trust is essential to retain wealth management clients

As growth slows, it’s becoming harder to retain clients. The wealth management firms that succeed are those that can cultivate a strong sense of trust.
Conversational Banking, Digital Advisory, Secure Messenger, Wealth Management