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Author: Normand Tessier

Credit Union trends and challenges to watch out for in 2024

What’s in store for Credit Unions in 2024? Discover the most important industry developments and where credit union leaders should focus their efforts.
Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Industry Trends

Quality over quantity: The role of Co-Browsing in member interactions

Credit Union service agents need access to high-touch collaboration tools to provide the quality support members deserve.
Co-Browsing, Customer service, Digital Advisory

Ease the pressure on credit union contact centers – without alienating members

Credit unions must embrace conversational engagement to reduce contact center strain and serve all members, regardless of age.
Co-Browsing, Live Chat, Retail Banking, Unblu Platform

Consolidating your credit union? Now is the time to invest in member experience

Credit unions undergoing consolidation initiatives shouldn’t put off digital transformation – they should leverage its power during migration.
Co-Browsing, Live Chat