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PostNetz: Driving innovation with in-branch video consultations

In-person and digital environments are blended. To meet customer expectations, PostNetz have launched in-branch video consultations in eight test branches.
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Quality over quantity: The role of Co-Browsing in member interactions

Credit Union service agents need access to high-touch collaboration tools to provide the quality support members deserve.
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Building trust is essential to retain wealth management clients

As growth slows, it’s becoming harder to retain clients. The wealth management firms that succeed are those that can cultivate a strong sense of trust.
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The service that AI financial advisors offer is broad

Do AI financial advisors have a place in the future of advisory?

AI financial advisors are all the rage – but what are their limitations and how should wealth management firms respond?
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Investor trends in the wealth management industry

Exploring investor trends and organizational realities in the changing wealth landscape

The 2023 EY Global Wealth Management Research Report, “When volatility causes complexity, how can wealth managers create opportunity?” draws its insights from a sample of 2,600 investors across generations, geographies, and wealth segments.  The report, which you can find here, paints a picture of the current wealth landscape, including challenges, client expectations, and ways to
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Assistive AI

Wealth managers should embrace their AI sidekick

Sometimes, I like thinking that AI stands for Assisted Intelligence and not Artificial Intelligence. It helps me think about how all these mind-blowing advancements in generative AI could and should be best used. It is common to come across people who are concerned about the risk of AI replacing a human role. This is not
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Are you prepared for the upcoming consumer duty deadlines?

Upcoming customer duty deadlines require communicating clearly with clients and ensuring they understand. How is your firm evidencing this?
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Customer centric online advisory

Client-centricity in wealth management communications: An Interview with Unblu’s Danny Baggs

Note: This blog post has been adapted from a podcast interview with Katie Royals, the managing editor of PAM insight.  In a wealth management context, the service that clients expect has undergone a transformation. Whereas in-person meetings and long lunches were once the norm, the digital impulse driving every sector is also redefining today’s client-advisor
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Innovative digital experiences disrupting the financial landscape

How service delivery in the banking industry is being radically transformed by new providers offering game-changing digital experiences.
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The customer-centric path towards mortgage lending

Customers need to trust their mortgage lenders. How can you deliver convenient and personal mortgage advice that wins trust and boosts sales?
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