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Creating in-person experiences online



Join Jens Rabe in conversation as he shares his insights into how unblu is partnering with banks to change the future of banking.  With more than one hundred implementations with banking giants such as UBS and Intesa Sanpaolo, Jens explains how unblu’s suite of products are helping customer service agents and relationship managers provide a more efficient, helpful and profitable experience for their clients.

Jens begins by explaining the challenges banks have weathered in the last decade. These have been immense, simultaneous pressures – banks have had to maintain their traditional operational costs of running bank branches while heavily investing in technology and their digital presence.  At the same time, they’ve had to keep up with their customers’ changing habits and expectations, as well as a host of new regulatory requirements.  As Jens explains, this has squeezed gross margins for many banks. Furthermore, the convenience of online banking has in many instances, alienated the end user. When clients visited their branches, understanding their needs and wants was a straightforward exercise. Without this face-to-face interaction, relationship managers struggle with understanding their client’s needs.

This is where unblu is helping banks close this gap between the bank and the digital experience. With unblu solutions, banks can provide the same personal expertise to a client who wants advice at any time on their mobile device, desktop or tablet. The frustrations of online banking and transactions are now resolved with unblu features that empower an agent or advisor to see a client’s screen and quickly fix the issue. The results? The length of an interaction between agents and customers are greatly reduced, and so is the cost of each interaction.  

These features are also game-changers for relationship managers.  Rather than leaving a client “alone” in a digital channel, without executing on a proposition, Jens illustrates how this process can be accelerated and dramatically enhanced by having an advisor “in your pocket”. The advisor, at the time right time, takes the client through to the finish line of the transaction. All this is done in a fully-audited, compliant and 100% secure manner, so much so that, as Jens explains, a customer’s online experience is now more compliant with unblu than an in-person consulting session.

Jens walks the viewer through the functionality of unblu products, demonstrating the co-browsing features as well as how messenger, audio and video features provide a superior, seamless experience for a client. As Jens explains, these features are designed to be implemented without adding big IT infrastructure (or the costs they incur). Every solution is implemented within a bank’s existing environment.

These are the kind of customer experiences that can lead to lower costs per transaction, shorter interaction times, and ultimately, a happier customer and potentially an increase in sales – and all at a lower cost basis than a traditional bank’s business cost. Watch the webinar to find out more.