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How an improved client experience is the path to profit growth

This joint Unblu-Compeer report draws on original research from wealth and asset management firms to identify common industry IT trends, challenges, and client expectations. Readers can leverage these insights to identify strategic opportunities for digital service development that increase productivity and profit growth.

Unblu for Private Banking and Wealth Management

Deliver an experience that drives revenue In this guide, you will learn about: The power of experience Discover why experience matters in a wealth management context and how it opens the door to more profitable relationships. Unblu’s features Explore the Unblu features including secure messaging, Co-Browsing, and video & voice that can help you to

A humanized digital member experience for credit unions

Unblu’s credit union clients are combining the best of online self-service and traditional communication methods

Unblu Conversational Solutions for Brokers

Secure Messenger is part of the Unblu suite and is a natural expansion of the pervasive chatting experience.

Unblu Secure Messaging: the ultimate guide

Secure Messenger is part of the Unblu suite and is a natural expansion of the pervasive chatting experience.

Unblu Product Guide

Your customers want you to be with them, wherever they are, moving alongside them from the real world to the virtual world and back. Not only that, they actually want you – your expertise and your presence – to be available to them wherever they are on this journey.   How are you grappling with this

Unblu Platform Overview

Spend quality time with your customers.  Our conversational solution, implemented in more than 150 financial institutions and insurance companies worldwide, allows them to interact with their customers using their online assets and self-service applications. We help financial institutions to guide their customers to the successful completion of a business transaction. Discover how to converse and

Co-Browsing: the ultimate guide

Secure & Profitable Online Engagement for the Financial Sector “Co-browsing technology is rarely used outside industries like financial services and telecoms, but it merits wider implementation. Application leaders supporting customer service should consider it a hidden gem for enabling differentiation and bridging the gap between human- and AI-driven interaction” (Gartner). Using co-browsing, banks can fill