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Branches of the Future eBook

Branches of the Future: A New Vision of Customer Service in the Banking Sector

Discover what banks need to do to develop a branch network that is cost-effective, profitable, and meets customer service expectations.

Women and Wealth

How to advise female investors on their terms Women constitute half the planet’s population. This makes them a powerful—albeit diverse—demographic. 80% of global purchasing decisions are already taken or influenced by women and their power is only set to grow.  The current advisory model is not working for women. Major obstacles include a lack of trust

Millennial wealth: how to prepare for imminent change

Millennial’s inheritance from Baby Boomers will constitute the largest wealth transfer in history. Discover how to build a value proposition that engages this younger generation and generates productive and meaningful relationships.  Generational wealth transfers typically result in 90% of “heirs” changing advisor.  Millennials, in particular, have different expectations and needs to Boomers. They want financial advice

Humanize your Digital Customer Service

More and more of life is taking place online, including taking care of financial matters. While this technological progress brings greater convenience and efficiency, are we in danger of losing the important human element of empathy? Many banks believe that they are customer-centric, it’s evident that a service that really puts the customer first doesn’t

The 2023 Retail Banking Trends

Hybrid experiences built on trust Trends long in development will come to fruition in 2023 – requiring an urgent response from retail banks. But faced with a sharp decline in customer trust, what must banks do to thrive in the coming year? Identify key areas of focus for retail banks in 2023 Rebuild trust among

Digital banking, done right

How to level up your digital customer experience in a branchless world No relationship can thrive without trust – and yet that’s exactly what’s missing in today’s challenging digital banking landscape. What do your customers think about you? Rebuild customer confidence in your bank Seamless CX using emerging technologies Nurture long-lasting customer relationships by ensuring
Digital Wealth Management Outlook 2023 report

Тhe Digital Wealth Management Outlook 2023

Unblu’s 2023 Digital Wealth Management Outlook offers a roadmap to help strategists and executives orient their teams in uncharted territory.

Thinking outside the bots

Discover the legacy perceptions, developments, and challenges of AI chatbots – and what the recent advancements mean for financial institutions.

Humanise your Digital Member Experience

Return to your mutual roots and provide a reassuring digital experience

From Surviving to Thriving: Digital Customer Engagement beyond Video Conferencing

Secure Messenger is part of the Unblu suite and is a natural expansion of the pervasive chatting experience.