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How insurance brokers can build trust in the face of COVID-19


Technology has the potential to dramatically boost a client’s satisfaction if the right digital tools are used to enhance the customer journey. For example, brokers and customers can collaborate remotely on documents and fill in detailed forms using document co-browsing. Or they can use e-signing solutions like DocuSign to close the deal remotely. This is especially pertinent following COVID-19. Brokers need to be assessing opportunities to deliver services through digital channels to mitigate the effects of the pandemic (Deloitte, 2020).

The forced change in client engagement

The insurance industry has been dragging behind other sectors in terms of the digitization of services – even before the pandemic. Yet customer demands have evolved and many expect digital tools as a given when communicating with financial service companies.

COVID-19 has accelerated this adoption of digital tools (The Digital Insurer, 2020). In the face of this crisis, companies offering insurance services must hurry to provide digital applications and deliver services remotely if they are to continue to compete with those businesses with more advanced digital capabilities.

Nevertheless, in this rush to embrace digital channels and expedite the digitization of services, insurance brokers should be aware that digital channels only provide advantages when used to augment the customer-broker relationship and personalize the customer experience. Technology should not be used simply to speed up processes or minimize workloads. This could result in alienating customers, leaving them alone with impersonal digital tools. Instead, brokers should continue to prioritize meaningful connections with customers and use technology to build trust.

An experience that is convenient and personal builds trust

How can insurance brokers deliver a customer experience that is both remote and personal? One that is convenient for the customer but also builds a trusting relationship between both parties? The solution is an omnichannel service. By incorporating diverse digital tools, brokers can meet customer expectations at each stage of their journey. By offering a seamless balance between self-service and talking to a real advisor, companies can offer a personalized service and the reassurance that customers desire from their broker.

By choosing the right digital tools, insurance brokers can continue to grow trust and build loyalty. For example, tools like live chat and secure text messaging allow customers to seamlessly and effortlessly communicate with brokers at their convenience. Co-browsing and e-signature solutions further augment conversations and allow brokers to provide personalized guidance. Meanwhile, video chat and audio capabilities provide that much needed personal touch. These digital tools have one thing in common: they all prioritize meaningful customer journeys.

In the face of COVID-19, insurance brokers need to provide a seamless digital experience. But this digital experience should also offer the convenience, personalization, reassurance, and personal touch that customers continue to value. With its range of tools, Unblu’s platform helps companies offering insurance services build trust against a backdrop of massive disruption.