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How to take mortgage applications to the next level with Unblu secure Video Chat


With online banking, people want help that is customized to their unique needs. If they are instead met with generic and irrelevant advice, they’ll lose trust in their provider. Indeed, 33% of customers who abandoned a business relationship in 2016 did so because personalization was missing (Accenture, 2017). Digital banking should be as personal as face-to-face banking.

By helping banks to implement a workflow that prioritizes customer needs at each stage of their journey, Unblu allows financial services to improve the user experience, reduce abandonments, and to boost conversions by closing opportunities at the perfect moment.

1. Integration

Banks need to create a smooth and streamlined online customer journey. One that empowers advisors to offer help at just the moment the customer needs it. The first stage in doing this is set-up. Embed the Unblu application on your website so that it’s clearly visible and easily accessible to anyone visiting.

Ensure the application is integrated on each page so that advisors are poised to deliver help no matter where the customer is in their journey.

The Unblu customer interface is customizable. You can adjust the appearance, feel, position, and size according to your brand style and voice, adapting it to suit your needs and those of your customers.

2. On-boarding

When a potential customer lands on a high-intent page, they are probably open to taking things further. By placing a concierge bot on these pages, you create an opportunity for conversation. The bot can onboard them and ask if they’d like to speak to a specialist.

For example, if a prospect lands on a page with a mortgage calculator, this signals high-intent. The bot can then offer them the opportunity to speak to a specialist increasing the chance of conversion.

3. Hand-over

From the advisor’s side, the message from the prospect will appear as an incoming request. The available mortgage advisor can then pick up the request and take over. This means no single advisor is overloaded with requests. They can pick and choose according to their availability and workload.

The bot is in charge of onboarding and rating the prospect, easing the workload of advisors. But advisors then take over after the bot has initiated the conversation. This combines the best of human and high tech.

4. Elevating the conversation

Once the conversation is underway, the advisor can elevate the interaction with a video call. Unblu’s video chat solution is secure, compliant, and easy to access in the context of a live chat conversation. The transition to video call is friction-free and streamlined, further improving the customer journey.

Perhaps the prospect is stuck choosing between different mortgage deals and wants to talk them through. Being able to chat via video call provides extra comfort when discussing sensitive questions.

With the opportunity to speak to their advisor face-to-face, customers receive help in a personalized and engaging way that feels just as familiar and reassuring as meeting an advisor in a branch.

5. Collaboration

With video chat now enabled, the conversation can be boosted to the next level with a choice of additional features. For example, embedded co-browsing, a collaboration feature whereby the advisor can see the customer’s browser and use the mark and highlight tool to point out certain details. This makes their advice more clear and specific as they explain certain things.

Imagine the customer is trying to choose a mortgage deal. The advisor can highlight certain details on different deals as they explain them, guiding the customer through the decision-making process. This makes the conversation even more personalized and specific.

6. Multiple interactions, one seamless journey

This onboarding process often requires more than one interaction, and could stretch over several weeks. Customers might need to collect bank statements and payslips for risk profile evaluation. All documents are stored in a document repository so the conversation can be easily picked up from where it was left off previously.

Once the customer has made a decision, the advisor can share and collaborate on the mortgage final proposal form through the document co-browsing collaboration feature. They can then look over the form and edit it together. They can tick boxes or write in the document, marking or highlighting certain features. To complete the form, the advisor can request a secure and compliant e-signature.

Of course, the client is also able to edit the document themselves, but having the advisor there to offer extra guidance offers a safety net.

7. The final word

If the mortgage contract is complete and signed, and the customer converted, the advisor closes the conversation. The customer is off-boarded by the concierge bot who will ask them to rate their experience. Being asked for feedback in the intuitive form of a conversation feels more personal and less obtrusive than receiving an email the following day.

Feedback can be analyzed for insights to discover any friction in the customer journey. Banks and advisors can take this information to further improve the customer experience.

By handing back over to the bot at the end of the conversation, the advisor is freed up from the task of off-boarding and can focus on their next inquiry.

Video Chat & Unblu

Unblu empowers banks to enhance their conversations with video calls, combining the advantages of face-to-face exchange with the convenience of online interaction. Learn more or book a demo here.