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How to use Unblu private banking solution to better engage your customers


In private banking, the way in which you engage with clients determines their satisfaction. Digital interactions improve efficiency and the ease with which you can communicate with clients. However, it’s important to remember that your client is seeking a personalized experience with advice tailored to their unique needs. Digital tools should be used to build confidence and trust.

Initial integration

The first stage in using Unblu to engage private banking customers is the set-up. You need to embed the Unblu application on your website so that it’s visible to visitors and easily accessible.

Ensure the application is integrated into every page on your site. This includes the Unblu customer interface, which is customizable in terms of appearance, feel, position, and size. You can adjust it to suit your particular brand image and voice.

Unblu UI

Send a request

Once you’ve set up the Unblu application, your investment advisors can begin to use Unblu’s set of digital tools to communicate with clients.

Advisors can use live chat and secure messaging to contact a client and send a request for a portfolio review meeting. Digital channels make this step quick and easy.

The client will then receive a push notification via the banking app on their phone. After opening the message in their inbox, they can then accept the meeting request.

Start a conversation

Next, the customer and advisor can connect via secure and compliant video call. As they already know each other, the transition from messaging to video call is simple and seamless.

Video calls offer the familiarity of traditional face-to-face exchange alongside the convenience of being able to communicate remotely. But what makes customer service exceptional is the ability to adjust to changing customer needs. Perhaps your client is having a bad day? Opt for an audio call instead.

Unblu Video

Get specific

At any time during the interaction, the client and advisor can begin a co-browsing session, sharing the client’s browser and navigating together to any part of the portfolio.

Using the mark and highlight tool, the advisor can point out various details, provide clear advice, and further improve the efficiency of the decision-making process. If necessary, the advisor can take full control of the page and present proposals to the customer, guiding them through different options.

Take it up a level

There is also the option to activate universal co-browsing. This feature allows the client and advisor to visit any website they choose together.

For example, they might navigate together to Google and search for “ft gold”. They can then check the latest Financial Times analysis on gold.

Using video call in conjunction with co-browsing features combines the best of traditional face-to-face communication with high-tech tools that make conversations more productive and helpful.

Unblu CoBrowsing

Finishing up

Once the contract form is filled out, the advisor can upload the document into an e-signature application such as DocuSign.

All the different digital tools used during the conversation are integrated. This makes the entire interaction smooth and seamless.

Both customers and advisors have access to any documents or media ever shared and to all interaction logs and recordings. These are securely archived, ensuring the bank remains compliant with all regulations.

Unblu eSignature

The Renta 4 Banco case

Renta 4 Banco, a leading Spanish investment banking firm, is launching a new project that makes use of Unblu’s innovative technology. This project will allow Renta 4 advisors to engage and collaborate with clients via different digital channels – including live chat, secure messaging, video call, and co-browsing.

There’s a growing demand for solutions that allow advisors and clients to continue working together remotely. Unblu’s tools allow Renta 4 advisors to provide the personal touch and attention to detail that their private banking customers value – without meeting in person.

Renta 4 advisors can continue to attend to and advise their clients remotely, providing clear advice and guidance on savings and investments with the same quality of service as in the traditional workspace – therefore continuing to drive client engagement.

By using different digital channels, clients and managers can communicate via various modes – from traditional audio calls to browsing the web together. Embracing flexibility is key to the ability of banks to adapt to a changing world.

Renta 4 is leveraging Unblu’s technology to empower their investment advisors to continue to drive client engagement and build relationships, even during the huge disruption and uncertainty caused by COVID-19.