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6 key features of future-ready private banking digital platforms


In our new normal, client expectations have transformed. Under a global pandemic and varying national lockdowns, in-person banking was largely eclipsed by digital client engagement—and for the private banking sector, that trend is certainly here to stay.

While the shift to video conferencing via platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams were ideal solutions in the short-term, many financial institutions are now reviewing their online client experience strategy through additional touchpoints, flexibility, and personalization features. It’s a simple idea that invites complex questions for implementation: how can private banks deliver the quality of an in-branch experience through digital channels?

Seamless and convenient private banking: The key to enhancing the client value chain

A seamless digital private banking experience isn’t only an expectation for new clients—it’s also the key to retention and loyalty. This, however, isn’t being reflected in client engagement strategies across the sector. Data from Capgemini indicates that 51% of HNWIs are not satisfied with their firm’s personalized offerings or digital interfaces; meanwhile, the expectation for an omnichannel banking experience sits far higher on client priority lists than those of banks themselves.

That means that optimizing the digital experience holds the key to a huge strategic win for financial institutions: improved loyalty by making clients feel valued and respected, giving them a choice about how they want to communicate with their advisor. Those who are willing to embrace transformation and implement digital solutions at every stage of the client lifecycle stand to gain long-term competitive advantage.

What makes a next-generation private banking digital platform?

There’s no doubt that personalization and omnichannel is the cornerstone of a next-generation client experience—but what exact features should a private banking digital platform have?

Specifically, there are six key ingredients that financial organizations should look for in their digital engagement solutions. Below, we take a look at each of them in more depth.

Id verification UnbluKYC compliance

It’s no secret that remote banking poses challenges for issues of security and authentication. When using a digital platform, it’s on banks to ensure that their conversational tools comply with the relevant financial regulations.

Fortunately, the capabilities of modern Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance tools means digital engagement doesn’t have to be any less secure. Due diligence checks like ID propagation or ID verification can all be carried out by integrating KYC technology into an online platform—reducing risk for banks and optimizing onboarding processes for their clients.

Messaging UnbluMessaging applications 

A texting feature is the core foundation for digital engagement, often marking the first point of contact for an online client-bank interaction. Next-generation private banking platforms go one step beyond. As a logical expansion of the live chat feature, Asynchronous Messaging lets clients communicate with their bank when it suits them, making it a lot simpler to interact. In turn, banks get centralized control of conversational data and clients have the ability to message in real-time, whenever they please.

Further personalization is also possible with embedded secure messenger services. By investing in a platform with options for third-party integrations, banks open up the possibility of ultra-convenient client-bank interaction through channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Video and voice calls

Messenger services go hand in hand with options for video or voice calls. ​​The perfect balance between the convenience of self service and the personalization offered at a bank branch, an online video session can easily convert an initial engagement into a business opportunity. Such calls are particularly useful for wealth managers and prospective clients, for instance, to discuss ideas and opportunities.

Video calls and Collaboration - Unblu


For some interactions, shared visuals are crucial to delivering clear and actionable advice. Co-browsing features enable seamless collaboration between clients and relationship managers, allowing real-time walkthroughs on anything from filling out financial documents to secure portfolio reviews.

This has been the strategy of Italy’s largest banking group Intesa Sanpaolo, who have implemented co-browsing to simplify processes for their clients. Operating in a secure environment that redacts sensitive information, financial advisors can go directly into the client’s browser and guide them through complex forms and documentation.

If properly executed, a co-browsing solution can deliver an unparalleled digital experience for clients—in turn rewarding banks with long-term loyalty.

Bot UnbluChatbots

For low-stakes issues where clients need a resolution as soon as possible, chatbots are an invaluable tool that provide instantaneous responses. Thanks to the innovations of machine learning technology, AI-based dialogue is now the smart solution to guiding clients through any routine transactions or queries. 

What’s more, integrating chatbots into a digital banking platform minimizes operational costs, as well as freeing up the schedules of relationship managers to deal with more complex client issues. While it’s important to ensure that the option to speak to a real person is always there, AI-powered interactions are also a win for client satisfaction.


Closing the deal is a vital step in the client journey. When a sales conversion occurs, it’s important to avoid a cumbersome back-and-forth with paperwork and instead offer a solution that is efficient, fast, and secure. 

Implementing e-signatures into private banking digital platforms do exactly that, streamlining legal processes and facilitating transactions with remote clients. As part of an omnichannel digital engagement platform, it’s the ideal way to wrap up a seamless online experience that boasts a commitment to convenience at every step.

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