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Live Chat for Banking Best Practices


Customer service relies on effective communication between agent and client. Live chat technology is a powerful way of enabling this exchange, allowing visitors to communicate with their bank whenever they want.

Live chat dramatically improves customer service delivery, bringing benefits to both company and client. It enables an efficient response from agents who are assigned chats as they come in according to their expertise and workload. Better responses means faster conversions and more qualified leads. The customer is happy and the bank can accelerate its sales process.

Bank agents can also juggle multiple conversations at once, talking to one customer while another customer types their reply. Automated responses and macros also speed up typing-time. Overall, these faster responses mean less time spent delivering customer support. The result is reduced costs for the company as well as more satisfied customers, who aren’t left waiting around for an answer.

Unblu Live chat best practices

Assign chats to the right agent

The live chat concierge feature asks for a client’s information when they request a live chat session. This technology can then triage conversation requests according to urgency and depending on which agents are active and able to answer that customer’s specific questions. It allows high-value customers to be prioritized and assigns chats to agents with the necessary expertise and available time to respond. Customers receive prompt support and advisors aren’t overloaded with conversations and can still juggle effectively between them.

Automate your responses

The agent can further speed up their answers using canned responses and macros. They can profit from the efficiency of automated answers, not losing any time typing out replies. However, they still maintain that sense of a personal touch which is so important to customers, who want to feel that they are speaking to a real person. It is still a human choosing the answers, not a chatbot whose responses will come across as generic and not helpful most of the times.

Enable document sharing and co-browsing

Live chat is at its most effective when used in conjunction with a co-browsing feature. Co-browsing means the agent has access to a valuable visual context. They are able to see what the customer has done so far and can therefore respond according to that customer’s specific problem. No time is wasted trying to understand exactly what the issue is. Problems are resolved faster and more efficiently, which leads to an improved customer experience, accelerated sales, and more business in general.

Archive sessions and analyse their performance

Ensuring a positive customer experience is an ongoing process. Banks must constantly examine feedback in order to improve their service. Take the information from archived chat conversations, turn them into statistics, and analyze these figures to understand where any problems might lie. Customer satisfaction ratings at the end of each conversation give further feedback on where you might be falling short. Banks can listen to the customer and leverage a conversation session to constantly boost the company’s customer service delivery.

Live chat and Unblu

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