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Live Chat for Sales: Tips to Improve Sales in Financial Services


Live chat has the potential to dramatically improve customer service delivery and sales. It enables prompt support and the chance to chat with customers in real time without significant extra time or cost to the company.

In allowing agents to chat with multiple customers and juggle several conversations at once, live chat increases the speed with which agents can respond and therefore inevitably increases the number of qualified leads. The quality of support is also improved as it’s quicker, more efficient, and means expert advice is available whenever the customer wants without them even having to leave home.

Just as live chat improves qualified leads, it also improves the bottom of the sales funnel. Prompt and proactive support – plus the co-browsing feature that provides visual context for a query – means that problems can be resolved quickly and easily. This reduces the number of drop-offs and abandonments. Customer interest is maintained as agents guide them through the process. The result? Increased conversion rates.

Unblu Live Chat tips for sales

Make live chat available on your existing mobile app

Traditionally, loyal customers are 67% more profitable than new customers, but banks invest 5 to 10 times more in acquiring new customers than in keeping current ones. Financial institutions have to make sure that their customers can easily engage with them when they need support or advice. If banking is going mobile, conversations should go mobile as well.

Be fast

Use live chat to improve the speed of your customer service delivery. The chat concierge feature asks visitors for information when they request a conversation. The chat is then assigned to the agent with the relevant expertise and appropriate workload. Customers receive prompt support and advisors aren’t overwhelmed with too many conversations to juggle between. The overall result is fast and efficient customer service support with agents speaking to multiple visitors at once and converting them into customers in real time.

Add a personal touch

You can further improve the speed of agent’s answers with canned responses and macros. These tools make communication faster and more efficient as agents use automation to speed up the writing of their replies. Because these answers come from a human advisor, they maintain a personal touch which is key in making customers feel supported.

Make the conversations compliant

Security is vital when it comes to banking and insurance. People need peace of mind and feel safe in their financial transactions and conversations with their financial providers. Live chat conversations need to be compliant and pass rigorous security reviews. Features like SSL Encryption means all traffic is secure, whereas session recording provides a full audit trail of interactions which can be accessed in the event of a claim.

Enable co-browsing

Take live chat technology to the next level by using it in conjunction with a co-browsing feature. This allows agents to both speak in real time to customers and to also see exactly what the customer sees and is doing which provides a valuable visual context. No time is lost establishing what the issue is and agents can provide specific and relevant advice. Co-browsing reduces the length of a support chat session by more than 50%, further accelerating sales.

Track sessions performance

Finally, ensure a constantly improving customer service experience with productive and informative feedback. Archived conversations can be turned into statistics that can be analyzed to understand where any issues might lie. Similarly, customer satisfaction ratings at the end of each conversation expose any shortcomings in customer service delivery. Banks and insurance companies can ensure they put the customer first by leveraging conversation sessions to constantly expand on what they provide, listening to customers, and improving all elements of customer support.

Live chat and Unblu

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