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How to improve your customer service experience with Unblu Spark


The nature of customer service in the banking industry has changed. Digital banking is one of the most common methods of banking, representing the primary means of accessing their accounts for 43% of US consumers. It’s a similar story in the European Union, where 59.7% of the population across all member states aged between 16–74 use the internet for banking. 

Even so, it’s worth noting that digital access doesn’t serve absolutely everyone and branches are still needed. For example, while the European Commission found that people living in rural regions have limited access to a physical bank branch or credit union, there are still lower levels of internet banking usage compared to urban regions.

The effect on customer service

Unsurprisingly, the change in consumer habits has altered service expectations. What’s more, these changes are wide-ranging, meaning that no one-size-fits-all approach is possible anymore. 

We can’t achieve modern customer service excellence with a black and white attitude, claiming that customers now want only AI-driven self service options or brick-and-mortar, in-person branch experiences. Instead, we need to think of modern customer service as a process of optimizing efficiency behind the scenes to deliver an excellent experience across all touch points.

How Unblu Spark offers a 360 service experience

Unblu Spark is a versatile engagement platform that combines AI and human interactions to enhance customer relationships over digital channels and beyond.

It works by blending advanced AI, messaging, Video & Voice, and visual collaboration to encourage greater self-service adoption, improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and generate additional revenue. 

Increasing internal efficiency 

Time is always a key concern for customers. When they have a large problem or want to make a significant decision, the customer requires dedicated, personalized time from someone who knows what they’re talking about. However, for almost every other issue, they want it to be dealt with as quickly as possible. 

For either scenario, the quality of the customer service team’s internal operational efficiency is key, helping to reduce strain on traditional channels, boost productivity, and free agents up for more involved interactions. 

There are a number of ways to achieve efficiency excellence. 

Embrace self-service (while offering human support)

Self-service tools, powered by a mixture of AI and internal knowledge resources, allows customers to get access to information 24/7. What’s more, with steps forward in Generative AI, what chatbots can achieve is increasingly impressive. However, for full satisfaction, customers should also have the option to escalate to other human-powered channels when needed.

Smooth Live Chat Support 

The most useful directly from a chatbot use case is the Live Chat option, which is a messaging support service. Unlike Video & Voice calls, agents can manage multiple Live Chat interactions at the same time, improving productivity as a result. 

Agents can further boost productivity by embracing the AI Co-Pilot feature, which leverages the internal knowledge base to generate automated answers or provide conversation summaries during a customer interaction.

Context is important

Customers frequently use multiple touch points when interacting with their banks or credit unions, and each one can vary widely. When a customer gets in contact with your team, the agent in question needs to be aware of all of the interactions that have taken place previously. 

In Unblu Spark, the Client Interaction Hub offers agents (who have the right credentials) full access to previous conversations, as well as any contact details or other relevant information.

Customer labeling

What’s more, the agents can also be proactive with how they deal with customers. By using the labeling feature, agents can classify customers into different segments, allowing them to provide each individual customer with a more tailored and personalized experience – whether relevant offers, information, or more. 

Be where your customers are

In general, customers prefer to use their mobile phones, whether for mobile banking – which is going from strength to strength – or to contact companies in a more comfortable and convenient manner.

For example, instead of using the credit union or bank’s Live Chat channel, a customer may choose to contact you via WhatsApp, SMS, or other popular messaging services. With Unblu Spark, banks and credit unions can consolidate all of these channels together, with conversations accessible from the Client Interaction Hub.

Going the extra mile to boost customer satisfaction

A strong operational foundation empowers agents to offer a customer experience that boosts trust, drives ongoing loyalty, and unlocks hidden revenue growth.

Offer a bespoke support service

Self-service and Live Chat channels can field a large number of inquiries. However, there comes a time when agents need to move to more high-touch options. This could either be to speed up the process of issue resolution, or to have deeper conversations about more serious topics. There are a number of options at an agent’s disposal to achieve this. 

Elevate conversions with immersive calls

Firstly, you can switch from any text conversation to a dynamic Video & Voice call at the click of a button, regardless of the channel. This can speed up support while fostering deeper customer connections and driving sales effortlessly.

Side-by-side support

Of course, at times Video & Voice alone isn’t enough. On these occasions, agents have the option to elevate the conversation with Co-Browsing options. Co-Browsing allows agents to navigate, guide, annotate, and highlight text on a shared screen in a secure manner.

With this technology, they can guide the customer through complex documentation reviews, remaining alongside them throughout the deal-signing process. Likewise, Unblu Co-Apping offers a similar native experience but in the customers app, empowering agents to provide a level of service that was previously impossible in a mobile environment.

Get proactive to boost revenue

By achieving customer service excellence, agents can benefit from the good will of their customers – provided they seize the opportunity. Sometimes this can happen after the end of a successful interaction, an approach that can boost digital sales by four times.

However, some of the tools previously mentioned can also be used to generate additional revenue. The Unblu chatbot, which provides self-service features and the agent Co-Pilot, can also be used to source and segment potential customers. 

With those leads, agents can then use the broadcast feature (which works with the label function), to reach out to interested individuals, spark insightful dialogues, and drive long-term revenue growth.

Consistency in customer service 

The mark of a strong customer service experience is ensuring a consistent positive experience on any channel or at any stage of the customer journey. With Unblu Spark, the combination of productivity-enhancing capabilities, channel options, and collaboration tools gives service teams the ability to delight customers with every interaction. 

If you would like to see firsthand how Unblu Spark can become the backbone of your customer service ecosystem, reach out to us today for a personalized demo.