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Unblu Spark 8 is here: Everything you need to know


Unblu Spark 8 has been released, marking a new chapter in the digital engagement platform’s potential to foster authentic interactions.

In general terms, the updates enhance agent and advisor productivity, while also empowering them to navigate relationships on a centralized platform. We’ve done this by building a customer-centric view that improves agents’ and advisors’ ability to manage customer segments and contact information, initiating conversations to spark impactful interactions. 

However, this doesn’t come at the expense of the customer experience. In fact, we have also made substantial progress on that front by improving access to quick support and meaningful advice. 

This has been achieved by expanding the natively supported channels to include SMS and WhatsApp, making the call experience even more intuitive, and introducing major enhancements to Document Collaboration along with native digital signature solutions.

Don’t miss our upcoming webinar where our experts will provide live demonstrations of Unblu Spark 8’s capabilities. Join us to explore firsthand how Unblu Spark 8 can elevate your customer interactions. 

Interaction Management Hub: Building a customer-centric view

Behind-the-scenes processes have a knock-on effect on the overall experience, influencing agent and advisor productivity, customer satisfaction, value-generation opportunities, and more. The agent and advisor experience with our new Interaction Management Hub has been designed to enhance these areas.

Managing customer profiles