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Why do you need an automated scheduling tool?


Nowadays, the majority of business processes run digitally. But many companies organize appointments completely outdated over the phone or by e-mail. This usually results in a tedious back and forth between customer and consultant until a suitable appointment can be found for both.

Many of these companies still write their reminders for the appointment in a time-consuming way by e-mail, which costs a consultant on average 2 minutes per appointment. And consultants who do not remind their customers before the appointment, experience an above-average no-show rate.

With the help of Calenso, consultants can completely eliminate the efforts along the entire appointment workflow, which takes an average of 33 minutes per appointment. This increases the productivity of scheduling by 110%.

The integration between Calenso and Unblu is the perfect solution for your company, when your customers want to organize online consultation sessions that should be scheduled for a future date and time. Without Calenso the customer can only call their consultants at the current time.

Smart features like the survey configurator allow you to collect important appointment-related customer data before the meeting and have it automatically transferred to your ERP or CRM system.

Beratungsprozess-Flowchart_ENReference Case

The Swiss health insurance company Sanitas is using the strengths of the unified interaction between Unblu and Calenso for its digital consulting process. With Unblu, they introduce their consulting process more personalized, flexible, and efficient than ever before.


Potential customers who are looking for an insurance solution or would like to optimize their existing insurance can schedule a consultation appointment with a Sanitas agent on the Sanitas website in just a few minutes. In the process, the customer is guided through an intelligent lead form that will sync the selected agent all the necessary customer information directly in his calendar so that the agent can optimally prepare for the consultation. In addition, the collected data is automatically transferred to the CRM system of Sanitas.

The potential customer can choose between a personal consultation at his or her home and an online meeting via video call. If the visitor has opted for an online consultation and selected a suitable appointment, a link to an Unblu video call session is automatically generated and sent to the customer once the appointment has been booked.

Sanitas 2

The Sanitas’s agent in charge will contact the potential customer via Unblu on the scheduled date and time. Thanks to Unblu’s advanced features, the Sanitas agent can see the customer’s browser in real-time by using co-browsing. Together, agents and customers review documents and even sign contracts online.