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Assist your customers on your mobile apps

As more customers are using mobile apps or portals, banks can expect an increase in mobile-specific support requests.

Augmenting phone calls

Co-Apping, otherwise known as Mobile Co-browsing, allows agents to assist customers on mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

Enriching in-app chat or call

The agent gains access to a secure view of the customer app, allowing them to visually guide the customer in real-time.

Convenient yet highly secured

During the session, agents can use the highlighter to assist the customer

Mask sensitive information from the agent and disable elements such as buttons when applicable

Unblu-integrated apps only! External apps don’t work with Mobile Co-Browsing to prevent accidentally sharing personal information

The significance of Co-Apping in the era of mobile banking

An Unblu customer recently reported that their agents launched 300,000 Co-Apping sessions to solve customer issues in the first year after the implementation, compared to around 65,000 web-based Co-browsing sessions in the same period.

This has proven that the rise of mobile banking has transformed the dynamics of everyday banking. As more customers are using mobile apps, banks can expect an increase in mobile-specific support requests. Extending embedded co-browsing to mobile co-browsing is a crucial step to ensure mobile support and optimal customer service.


Delight your customers from day one by providing real-time guidance to set up new accounts or log into mobile banking apps.

Ongoing Support & Advice

Improve your mobile support by providing real-time assistance on requests, whether making payments, wire transfers, or other banking transactions

Digital Sales

Drive digital sales – such as taking out a loan or ordering a credit card – by co-navigating the options to find the right product together

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