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Elektro Wandelt Increases Online Service Levels by Integrating Co-browsing in its Online Shop

The number one online trading platform for electrical outfitting in Germany now offers the most advanced online sales consultation available in the market.

Established in 2004, Elektro Wandelt has become the leading online trading platform for electrical outfitting in Germany. Offering more than 80.000 parts, competent sales advice is one of the key challenges in its day to day business operation. Thanks to unblu, 20 sales and service consultants can now guide customers through the online shop, offering product advice otherwise only possible in their own physical store. unblu co-browsing provides for the ability that sales consultants can assist customers in real time as they navigate through the online store, ensuring that customers place only those items into their shopping cart that are fit for the desired purpose. To activate the co-browsing functionality, the end customer simply enters a security code provided by the service consultant, an installation of additional software is not necessary as the functionality is provided as part of the webshop.

Elektro Wandelt´s co-browsing service increases customer satisfaction, lifts sales productivity and reduces the number of return shipments. Happy clients and growing revenues are the business results.

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