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Helsana differentiates its offerings during hot phase of new customer acquisition through unblu co-browsing

It is this time of year again – health insurance contracts run out at the end of the year and until the end of november consumers can change their insurance provider. Helsana “xcare” uses unblu co-browsing to provide superior online consultation and acquire new clients.

Helsana xcare is the name for innovative online health care consultation in Switzerland. 

While health care insurance contracts tend to be difficult to read and compare, Helsana provides transparency to its clients and prospects using its online channels. However Helsana also recognized the importance of a personal interaction complementing digital self service. unblu co-browsing is an integral part of Helsana xcare. A customer service agent can take a new client through the online consultation process and help prepare an insurance quote in a matter of just 15 minutes using co-browsing to visualize the process. 

“Moving toward a digital business model is inevitable for insurance companies. Our research shows that there is significant investment of the industry into making the change”.

T. Meyer, MD Accenture CH

The personal interaction in the browser makes the difference as the agent can help through the more difficult questions and thereby reduces the online abandonment rates. It is like filling out an application form together in a branch office – but it is so much more efficient as all the data can be stored centrally from the get go and customer service agents can maximize their time, serving many more clients in a day than in the past. With this, unblu helps Helsana to make the most out of this pivotal time of the year, gaining new clients every day.  

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