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Unblu and Migros Bank strengthen partnership with new Co-Browsing deal

Unblu’s long-term customer Migros Bank extends Co-Browsing licenses from 125 to 300 as part of an internal restructuring initiative to improve customer service. 

The Swiss-based bank Migros has signed a new deal with Unblu to more than double the number of staff members who can leverage Embedded Co-Browsing for enhanced customer collaboration.

Founded in 1958, Migros Bank takes a people-centric approach to serving its customer base of over a million individuals and a staff of over 1,500. 

The bank is currently in the process of an internal restructuring initiative, which aims to ensure that more agents and advisors are equipped to offer an involved service experience to their customers. Whereas the Co-Browsing tool was previously reserved for the customer support team of around 125 members, now a total of 300 individuals will be able to launch remote collaboration sessions.

We are confident that this initiative will lead to a better overall customer experience and Co-Browsing will feature heavily in delivering this.

Antonio Zullino, Head of Service Center at Migros Bank

Migros and Unblu have enjoyed a strong partnership for over ten years. In that time, the bank’s phone inquiries have increased by more than 60%, from fielding on average 40,000 calls per month to 65,000 calls. By leveraging Co-Browsing among other methods, they have been able to provide a consistently positive experience with in-depth support. 

“The Embedded Co-Browsing tool is a great asset for a bank like Migros that is so dedicated to providing quality customer support,” said Luc Haldimann, CEO of Unblu. “We are excited to help Migros during this transitional period in their internal operations and are confident that the new employees will become proficient in the tool with minimal training.”

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