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Partnership to bring Video ID & Live Video Chat to the Unblu Collaboration Suite

unblu’s collaboration suite further enhanced by partnership with industry leading WebRTC Video solution specialist Tokbox, a Telefonica company.

unblu who’s collaboration suite already consolidates Live chat, co-browsing and document sharing, have partnered with Tokbox to further broaden their offering. Effective immediately video identification and live video chat capabilities will be available to existing and new clients thanks to the strategic partnership.

“TokBox is delighted to partner with unblu and we look forward to powering interactive live video with the market leading collaboration software provider for the finance industry” – TokBox CEO Scott Lomond

On their choice of partner Luc Haldimann, CEO unblu stated:

"TokBox offered a compelling proposition as a pureplay WebRTC Platform Service, which is exactly what we were looking for when selecting a Video Technology for our Collaboration Suite. Our developers were impressed with the cleanliness of the APIs and had the service integrated in no time".

Many clients purchasing unblu’s collaboration suite make the availability of an easy to use, pay as you go video proposition a mandatory requirement in their decision making. The reason being that, financial institutes remain under substantial pressure to increase efficiency while at the same time improve the quality of their customer services in order to meet the demands of their clients.  Video chat and a fully digitized onboarding process are tipped to be game changers within banking circles, as the battle for differentiation continues.

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