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Unblu announces partnership with digital Innovator Clinc AI

The partnership between Clinc’s industry leading Conversational AI and Unblu’s human to human conversational solutions will allow financial institutions to create digital experiences that will radically boosts client satisfaction. By incorporating digital tools that prioritize conversation, banks and credit unions can create a flexible and personalized service that increases opportunities to build successful relationships. While other Conversational AI vendors rely solely on text, Clinc has perfected and promotes a Voice-First strategy, recognizing the rapid increase in consumer preference to interact through voice versus a manually inputted text dialogue.

Unblu favors a hybrid approach, recognizing that technology can help facilitate better conversations with authentic human interaction. In this context, conversational banking combines the best of both worlds, offering the processing power, data-storage capabilities, and connectivity of technology without sacrificing real human connection. The new partnership between Clinc and Unblu further enhances this, ensuring customers have access to the latest in AI technology while also building relationships based on trust and expertise.

Clinc offers both authenticated and unauthenticated AI-driven virtual assistants providing self-service banking across a multitude of functions as simple as requesting password reset to transferring funds and applying for loans. Clinc’s AI technology uses natural language processing to uniquely understand how users talk and can understand both slang and context. The conversation is controlled by the end-user versus the voicebot forcing them into rigid, limited options, resulting in a positive user experience.

“The agreement with Clinc strengthens our position in North America and allows both companies to offer a unique product and value proposition. With the integration of both solutions, banks and credit unions will be able to design hybrid customer journeys, combining the best of AI with human advice through the digital channel,” said Lisa Joseph, President of Unblu Americas.

“Integration and strategic partnerships are absolutely essential in building a true Virtual Assistant or the functionality and customer experience will fall short. We are so proud to join forces with such a formidable leader as Unblu, a proven innovator with over 160 clients across the world,” said Jon Newhard, Chief Executive Officer.

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