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Unblu Conversational Engagement Platform featured on WealthTech100 for 2023

Unblu is pleased to announce its inclusion on the 2023 WealthTech100 list, created by the specialist research platform FinTech Global. The WealthTech100 list focuses specifically on the most innovative technology solution providers that serve financial advisors and their institutions in realizing digital transformation initiatives. 

The Unblu Conversational Engagement Platform plays a vital role in strengthening communication and relationships between financial advisors and clients. By implementing Unblu, institutions gain access to an omnichannel solution that empowers them to guide the client journey in the most seamless and personalized manner possible. 

The platform specializes in secure text-based communication, video & voice, and high-touch visual collaboration that matches the service level clients require while boosting advisor efficiency and topline growth.

“We’re proud that FinTech Global has recognized Unblu’s work in strengthening client-advisor relationships,” said Danny Baggs, UK Marketing Director at Unblu. “Features such as the Secure Messenger, which mimics popular messaging apps are proving instrumental in transforming the service experience for high-value clients. As with all Unblu features, Secure Messenger is not only fully omnichannel  but also ensures security and compliance surrounding the recording and storage of data and conversations.”

Against a backdrop of global economic and political uncertainty, identifying the companies that are set to define the future of the financial industries proved challenging for the team at FinTech Global. Beginning with a list of over 1,200 businesses, the panel of analysts and experts voted to bring the number down to just 100 in total, which included Unblu.

As FinTech Global director Richard Sachar said, “At a time when not even the giants like Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse are safe, it is vital banks and investment firms have the best technology behind them. On top of this, customers are demanding better and more streamlined engagements, and are more than happy to switch to a provider that offers this. This WealthTech100 list will equip senior-level leaders in financial institutions with detailed information on some of the most innovative companies in WealthTech.”

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