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Unblu empowers mBank to enhance their CompanyNet e-banking system

The Polish bank introduced unique online capabilities with the help of Unblu to provide corporate banking customers with new avenues to access remote support. 

Headquartered in Warsaw, mBank is the fifth largest bank in Poland in terms of total assets, offering retail banking, private banking, corporate banking, , and wealth management services to a broad range of clientele. 

In 2022, mBank set out to enhance the remote support corporate clients have access to in the  mBank CompanyNet e-banking system. To achieve this, mBank partnered with Unblu, leveraging its conversational engagement platform to provide a more streamlined and personal support service. 

View from the mBank CompanyNet client portal with Live Chat enabled
View from the mBank CompanyNet client portal with Live Chat enabled

“The first months show that customers have received the Online Assistant very well. Thanks to the new support model, they are getting their business done faster and are more satisfied with our products and services,” said Dariusz Nalepa, Director Transaction Banking Department at mBank S.A.

Among the changes, mBank implemented Unblu’s high-tough document and remote internet collaboration software Co-Browsing, becoming the first Polish bank to offer this capability. During a conversation with a client, either party – whether the client or the consultant – can view and interact with the same document, including highlighting, editing, or other whiteboard capabilities. 

In addition to these close collaborative capabilities, mBank has also opened a new Live Chat channel, which empowers clients to communicate with the bank in a quick and convenient way, greatly contributing to the organization’s overall support efficiency.

“We worked closely with the team at mBank to implement Unblu’s capabilities and provide their clients with a superior service experience,” said Luc Haldimann, CEO at Unblu. “We’re delighted at the initial response from mBank’s clients and look forward to building on this success moving forward.”

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