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Unblu at Finovate 2020 in Berlin

The Swiss software company Unblu, a leader in supporting client-advisor conversations, will introduce their latest product offering at Finovate Berlin on the 12th of February. Unblu Conversational Platform allows banks and insurance companies to interact with customers in today’s world. The hybrid approach of the platform allows financial institutions to support a seamless transition from chatbots to human advisors in the customer consultation process. Clients can execute transactions using conversational AI interfaces and discuss and visually collaborate with human advisors about more complex products where appropriate.

Fits into any environment and fulfills compliance requirements

The demo at Finovate will illustrate how Unblu’s technology fits into any infrastructure and security environment. Every interaction, whether on chatbots, secure messenger, live chat or video, is documented as it occurs, instantly encrypted, and stored either on the premises or in the cloud. This immediate archiving does two things for the customer-client relationship: it takes the struggle out of complying with documentation requirements while providing a secure conversation space to initiate relevant and worthwhile conversation with clients.

Be the company your customers want you to be

The Unblu platform integrates the financial institution into their client’s daily life, providing real-time advice when and how they want it. Banks have to deliver these kinds of meaningful customer experiences consistently. Unblu’s CEO Luc Haldimann says “We are excited about helping financial institutions to build meaningful relationships using our conversational platform on their digital channels. There is a lot to do to digitally transform the industry, but one thing will remain unchanged: the importance of humans. With conversational banking solutions, banks and insurance companies can reshape the way they do business and deliver value to their clients.”

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