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Unblu scores 2 Customer Experience Management Software Industry Recognitions by Leading Business Software Directory

Unblu was described as an efficient and “ultra-secure” in-person experience delivery facilitator by FinancesOnline, a leading B2B software directory that helps businesses find the best software systems for their needs. Due to our platform’s efficiency in assisting banks handle end-to-end customer engagement, the industry experts granted us a positive score alongside their 2018 Great User Experience and 2018 Rising Star awards.

“With Unblu’s suite, banking and insurance entities can increase their revenue and amplify their team’s productivity while reducing the costs and still augment their digital customer interaction,” FinancesOnline wrote in their detailed review. This is why Unblu received FinancesOnline Great User Experience award for best customer experience management software, as their software experts highly value well-designed functionalities that allow users to easy facilitate the work process.

FinancesOnline’s experts also eyed our high user satisfaction, and thus they bestowed to us their Rising Star award alongside a whopping 100 percent user satisfaction rating. “Clients have proven that Unblu assisted them in decreasing the number of support calls and achieving more client meetings,” stated FinancesOnline. “This has led to a boosted satisfaction rate among their consumers and yielded a high recommendation rate for their services.”

FinancesOnline’s experts also praised Unblu’s live customer collaboration suite. Not only does it allow support representatives to “real-time assistance” and “accurate troubleshooting,” but it also grants flexibility as users can simultaneously navigate the same website page or document, stated FinancesOnline.

Unblu also managed to secure a spot in their top 15 customer experience software. This can be attributed to our high marks on FinancesOnline’s SmartScore system, which inspects important aspects including but not limited to main functionality, ease of use, security, and mobility.

FinancesOnline’s review clearly shows that Unblu is a great customer relations tool for banks that can provide superior customer service and decrease business costs, all within a safe and secure environment. 

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