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Unblu simplifies access to conversational engagement with official Salesforce integration

Unblu’s Salesforce integration is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Conversational engagement specialist Unblu has announced that its Salesforce integration will be listed on the Salesforce AppExchange, following a rigorous security review. 

The integration allows Unblu customers with Salesforce Instances to make use of the Co-Browsing and video & voice features to ensure a streamlined, omnichannel journey for their customers. 

With this integration, Unblu has further simplified how conversational technologies are implemented and adopted by end users, such as agents and advisors. 

“We are very proud of this integration and are confident that it will improve the experience for both agents and end customers,” said Luc Haldimann, CEO at Unblu. “By accessing Unblu’s tools while remaining on one platform, the call or chat handling time will be significantly reduced, which will lead to an increase in customer and employee satisfaction.”

We are very proud of this integration and are confident that it will improve the experience for both agents and end customers.

Luc Haldimann, CEO at Unblu

Beyond furthering the organization’s mission to provide greater access to conversational technologies, the app listing also strengthens Unblu’s position as a key partner with some of the most popular applications used in the financial services industry.

“Simplicity is central to the effectiveness of Unblu, which is why we place so much importance on these partnerships,” Haldimann said. “Whether it’s with industry-specific applications like Wealth Dynamix and Objectway or cross-industry collaborations with MS Teams and Salesforce, we take great pride in our partnerships and what they mean for our end users.”

The integration builds upon customer journeys that have been initiated within a Salesforce chat. With the Unblu app, the agent now has the option to escalate the interaction to a Co-Browsing session accompanied by video or voice support if necessary, without leaving the current platform. 

The app is simple for Unblu customers to install and does not require any development work or customization to be fully functional. Beyond facilitating Co-Browsing sessions during Salesforce chat, the technology allows agents to augment existing phone calls to remain on relevant pages in Salesforce. Furthermore, any data gained through the Unblu app will automatically synchronize with Salesforce to be stored in a centralized repository. 

“This app draws on years of knowledge and insights,” said Haldimann. “From a functional perspective, we are not only familiar with the industry needs but have built this app to integrate with customers based on experiences gained through real implementations.” 

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