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As an advisor at the bank, Barry is responsible for guiding clients through financial options, assessing their needs, and recommending tailored solutions to help them achieve their homeownership or financial goals. This involves:

  • Empowering clients to make informed decisions
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction and building trust
  • Achieving yearly KPIs and sales targets
  • High targets and pressure achieve KPIs
  • Spending too much time on administrative tasks
  • Dealing with multiple internal systems or performance issues

Secure and convenient interactions

Provide clients with expert advice in a way that mimics how they interact in daily lives – while also adhering to messaging compliance regulations

In-person experience digitally

Whether it’s an ad-hoc call or scheduled meeting, level up the experience with collaboration tools such as co-browsing and whiteboarding

Enhance advisors’ skills

Unblu’s Conversational AI can quickly comprehend client inquiries and provide financial advisors with accurate recommendations

Head of Digital Banking at Raiffeisenbank, 

Czech Republic

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