Online guides

Quick guides to discover the main functionalities of Unblu and its use cases.


Co-Browsing that provides the in-person experience

Unblu’s co-browse solution enables companies to create more personalized engagements with their customers – leading to increased online conversions, improved customer support, and greater customer success.

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Remain relevant for your customers

Secure Messenger provides an unobtrusive, asynchronous, secure way for providing an ongoing conversation with clients. Our messenger allows financial institutions to connect with customers in a format they know well—texting.

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Live Chat enables advisors to talk to customers at the right time

Customer service has been transformed by live chat technology. By enabling advisors to talk with customers, live chat empowers banks and insurance companies to respond to needs faster than ever before. 

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Taking customer’s conversations to the next level

Customers want the convenience and practicality of online and omnichannel banking, but they also want personal interaction. Quite simply, they want to be able to speak with their bank.

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Chatbots: a useful guide for financial services

A wave of automation is sweeping across the workplace and has the power to revolutionize many aspects of our daily lives. The transformation is already taking place in financial services where AI solutions like chatbots are increasingly commonplace.

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Connect with your customer in a secure and personal way

Video call is now part of everyday life and financial institutions can benefit from its power and popularity too. With customers able to talk to advisors face-to-face using a phone or computer, video chat makes expert advice available to everyone, wherever they are.

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