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Organize & coordinate

Intuitive control and structure options to internal efficiency and cooperation.


Quickly and accurately create contacts on the fly, during conversations without breaking the flow.

Quick-view context

Looking for context or valuable insights? See the customer segment, contact details, or even any previous conversations at a glance.

Controlled team views

Flexible access controls ensure agents or bank employees only have access to conversations that are relevant to them.

Inter-team collaboration

Bring the right person in on the conversation with a unified space that bridges front and back office roles.

Hidden participants

Get a quick second opinion by adding hidden participants to the conversation to offer behind-the-scenes assistance.

Integration-friendly setup

Leverage seamless integration capabilities to automate the contact creation process or trigger workflows with a digital banking solution or CRM system.

Communicate & collaborate

Consolidate all preferred channels (SMS, WhatsApp, and more) into one single hub for easy conversation continuation and elevation.

Cross-channel messages

Send. Receive. Broadcast. Enjoy flexible messaging options on all digital channels to spark interesting conversations.

Video & Voice

Talk it through. With the click of a button, agents can begin a Video & Voice conversation from any digital channel.

Next-level collaboration

Normal call not cutting it? Upgrade the interaction at any point with real-time Co-Browsing capabilities.

Schedule conversations

Now is not always the best time. Easily schedule the conversation for a time that suits later on.

Agent Co-pilot

The chatbot’s capabilities aren’t just for banking customers. Speed up responses with our AI Co-pilot to provide conversation summaries or answers to queries.

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