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About Clinc

Clinc’s revolutionary, out-of-the-box Conversational AI powered Virtual Assistants provide self-service banking options for banks and credit unions of all sizes.  Over 8 years of proven experience and data curation focused exclusively on banking ensures that over 85% of users never have to speak with someone, providing them answers immediately – when and where they want.  

Clinc is fully integrated with most banking platforms so implementation is fast with little effort required. The result: reduced costs, improved CSAT and significant incremental revenue growth. 

Clinc currently has 9 U.S.-based customers ranging from $250M to $590B in assets.  Most recently, Clinc launched an IVR product that is already integrated with Genesys and Amazon Connect and live with its first customer March 1, 2023.

“Banks and Credit Unions partner with Clinc for a variety of reasons, with the most important being their mission to deliver a superior customer experience – when they want it, where they want it.   By mitigating routine tasks that can overwhelm the branches and contact centers, our clients enjoy a reduction in cost, improvement in Csat and a new avenue for incremental revenue growth.   Today’s consumer demands digital solutions and Clinc’s Virtual Assistant technology provides our clients with a clear competitive advantage addressing this need”

Jon Newhard, CEO of Clinc


Conversational AI delivered via chat/voice interface. Able to hold conversational context, understand messy language and able to customize easily. 

Virtual Assistant integration that automates conversations with the end user before they would need to be connected with a live agent.  Pre-built coverage for the most common conversational topics that occur within banking.  Virtual Assistant building Platform allows for upgrading existing Virtual Assistants or creating new ones.

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Clinc in Action
US Bank Smart Assistant
Clinc Virtual Assistant

The global leader in omni-channel voice and chat banking assistants.

What makes a good chatbot

Cutting-edge chatbot/virtual assistant technology can be extremely effective at improving everyday banking experiences.

Voice First

Voice-first technology is essential to connecting with millennial and Gen Z customers.

University of Michigan Credit Union

UMCU now equipped to respond to members in real-time, with real solutions.

On a mission to push the boundaries of conversational AI

Clinc’s best-in-class technology utilizes natural language processing that understands how people really talk, powering exceptional customer experiences.