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Crealogix Crealogix - Globally leading SaaS platform for banks
Category Banking front-ends
Territory Germany,Switzerland,United Kingdom,Asia,Middle East
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About Crealogix

CREALOGIX Digital Banking Hub is the leading modular SaaS digital banking engagement platform, with functionality covering retail, private, and business banking scopes. Financial institutions can rapidly modernise the interaction layer of their digital customer experience and continue adding on new CREALOGIX features or integrating partner fintech functionality. The immediate benefit to the bank is far greater flexibility and lower costs compared to custom in-house development, while the long-term value is a more competitive and agile proposition in the market that can more successfully keep customers loyal and attract new users. As a pure-play digital banking engagement platform developer, CREALOGIX has over 25 years’ experience focusing on delivering proven customer-centric systems to hundreds of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Key features:

  • Works on top of any core banking system
  • Collaborative integration process, working with designers, marketing, technical experts, and change management
  • Deploy to cloud or on premises; managed services available
  • Solution is designed for mobile banking, incorporating modern security features and excellent usability for end customers 
  • API-driven design supporting a full range of open banking and private fintech integration possibilities
  • Regular addition of enhancements and new features to foundation and optional modules
CREALOGIX | Who we are
We develop and implement innovative fintech solutions to accelerate the digital transformation to an open banking ecosystem.