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MS Teams Centralized view to manage customer interactions with ease.
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About MS Teams

In the dynamic world of financial institutions, effective communication and collaboration are crucial. Recognizing the significance of Microsoft Teams in internal communications for many financial organizations, Unblu seamlessly integrates with MS Teams, providing agents with a centralized platform to manage customer interactions with ease.

Centralized Platform with Secured Channels

Our integration with MS Teams allows agents to harness the power of Unblu Spark functionalities without leaving the familiar MS Teams interface. This unified approach not only enhances efficiency but also ensures compliance with industry regulations through a secure channel and flexible recording options.

Consolidated Communication Hub

Say goodbye to missed messages and calls. The integration consolidates Unblu notifications within MS Teams, providing agents and advisors with a single channel for all customer interactions. This streamlined process ensures that every message and call is promptly addressed and boosts customer satisfaction

Outlook Integration for Effortless Scheduling

With our Outlook integration, scheduling Unblu conversations becomes a breeze. Agents can seamlessly schedule customer interactions directly from their Outlook calendar, mirroring the ease of joining Teams meetings. This feature simplifies the process, making it convenient for agents to stay organized and responsive.

Simplified Deployment for Administrators

Implementing the integration is a hassle-free process for MS Teams administrators. By deploying the Unblu app on the organization’s App Store, minimal effort is required for ongoing maintenance. This streamlined deployment ensures that your team can swiftly leverage the benefits of Unblu within the MS Teams environment.

Flexible Video Call Options

Choose the video call solution that suits your needs. Unblu offers flexible options, allowing you to utilize Azure Communication Services (ACS) as part of your package or opt for Unblu’s media server for compliance reasons. This flexibility ensures that your organization can tailor the integration to meet specific requirements.

Discover a seamless approach to customer interactions with Unblu and MS Teams, elevating the overall customer experience and staying fully compliant with relevant regulations.


As an agent, you can access all the Unblu functionalities from the Unblu App in MS Teams, such as Inbox where you can manage asynchronous messages with the customers.

Whether it is an ad hoc call or scheduled meeting, join Unblu conversations directly from MS teams and level up the call quality with co-browsing, background blurring, in-call guest invitations, call forwarding, phone dial-in, and many more.


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