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Nevis Security Simplified digital access
Category Technology
Territory Germany,Switzerland,Hungary
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About Nevis Security

Nevis lets you wow your customers, partners, and employees with excellent authentication and authorization convenience. Nevis offers a single, all-encompassing identity and access management solution for all your identity use cases. With its comprehensive CIAM functions, you can offer your privacy-minded consumers an exceptional user experience, personalized interactions, and the level of secure access to your services that is essential for today’s disruptive, digital transformation demands.


Simplified digital access

Customers get passwordless and secure access to their accounts and use the following services more frequently:

  • Log in to the finance portal within seconds
  • Easily review account balances
  • Carry out secure payments and transactions
  • Confirm online credit card purchases with a fingerprint or face ID instead of the previous and static 3D secure password