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Branches of the Future: A New Vision of Customer Service in the Banking Sector

In total, there has been a 20% reduction in physical bank branches since 2017. And this trend is continuing into 2024. The UK’s NatWest has announced 32 closures in 2024, while Bank of America has made a similar announcement for February and March.

Despite lower footfall, surveys show that people still value having a branch in their local community.

82% of customers claim that having a local branch is “extremely or very important”


This puts banks in a tough position. They recognize the value of having a physical presence in local communities – but traditional models are no longer financially viable.

The bank branch needs to transform

Drawing on real-world examples, this ebook explores what branches of the future will look like. Discover what banks need to do to develop a branch network that is cost-effective, profitable, and meets customer service expectations.

The ebook will discuss:

  • How to maintain a strong customer service experience.
  • The role of technology in branches of the future.
  • Why community is important – and how banks can leverage it.
  • Methods to drive profitability in modern branch networks.

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