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Unblu Secure Messaging: the ultimate guide

Secure Messenger is part of the Unblu suite and is a natural expansion of the pervasive chatting experience. In this guide, we explain how our Secure instant messaging solution helps banks and insurance companies to provide the WhatsApp experience whilst remaining compliant.

  • What Secure Messaging is.
  • How Secure Messaging works together with other Unblu features such as video, voice, co-browsing or document sharing.
  • Main security and compliance components of the solution that makes it a perfect fit for the financial sector.
  • Main use cases and customer journeys for Secure Messaging.
  • Integration into third-party messaging apps such as WhatsApp or WeChat.

We hope you find this guide interesting and if you are interested about learning more about Unblu’s Secure Messaging Solution book a demo here and one of the Unblu team members will reach out to help you get started.

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