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Optimize Your Branch Network To Serve Your Local Community

Discover the solution to a cost-effective and profitable branch network that exceeds customer service expectations.

Bank branches are under threat

There has been a downward trend in physical bank branches, with McKinsey reporting a 20% reduction since 2017. Why is this?

Customers are simply more comfortable with digital banking or cashless transactions, meaning there are fewer branch visits. This leads to reduced opening hours and branch closures.

But 82% of customers still claim that having a local branch is “extremely or very important” even if 24% claim they plan to visit one less often in the future.

Branches still hold an important place in local communities, but they must evolve.

Join us for a 20-min Coffee Break webinar to discover a hybrid branch solution that is cost-effective, profitable, and ensures unrivaled service excellence.

Webinar breakdown: What to expect

This coffee-break webinar will take 20 minutes and is broken into two separate parts.

Current branch challenges – (5–6 mins)

Discover how a hybrid branch solution can eliminate the need for advisors to be physically present – and what this means for your branch network.

Valiant Bank case study – (10 mins)

See how one bank in Switzerland has adopted an innovative hybrid branch approach to enhance their network and increase profitability.

Presented by
Matthieu Clermont
Matthieu Clermont Product Marketing Manager at Unblu
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