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Social Messaging Integration

In this webinar, we break down how to integrate Unblu into the most popular messaging platforms. Why? Because this demanding industry requires you to communicate with your customers through channels they already use. Connect with them via their favourite social messaging applications like WhatsApp, WeChat or Facebook Messenger is a must.

Core Product Lead Engineer David Eberlein dives into use cases, showing you how to integrate with your customer’s preferred channel and centralize all their requests at one key point for your agents and RM. Find out how all of the above let’s you remain compliant as well.


  • Introduction
    • Unblu—The Messenger Platform
  • What are Social Messaging Integrations? WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger …
    • Business Cases
    • Messaging Channel API
    • Integration Example: WhatsApp
    • Features and limitations
  • Live Demo: Support & Advice Use case
  • Roadmap
  • Q&A
Presented by
David Eberlein
David Eberlein VP Core Product Development
Laura Moldenhauer
Laura Moldenhauer Marketing Manager DACH & EE at Unblu
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