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Unblu 7 I Engage anytime. Opportunity everywhere

In this 60-minute webinar, we explore the new features and their potential impact on your business. With Unblu 7 we focus on:


    • Improving customer experience by fully integrating Unblu capabilities into your existing web assets and mobile applications. With the new Embeddable UI, our customers have total flexibility for deciding how you want to deliver digital advice.
    • Growing digital revenue with client-convenient conversations. With the Scheduled Conversation features, you will be able to build trust by being available when your customers need you.
    • Enhancing compliance by being able to record every customer interaction. From simple chat messages to co-browsing sessions, shared documents, and of course audio and video exchanges, our Conversation Recording can capture all aspects of an interaction for quality control, training, and compliance purposes.
    • And much more…


    Presented by
    Jeremy Barnes
    Jeremy Barnes RVP Consulting Services North America
    Matthieu Clermont
    Matthieu Clermont Product Marketing Manager at Unblu
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