The art of authentic relationships

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Convenient, compliant messaging to increase client-advisor interactions

Cross-channel compliance

Continue the conversation on the client’s preferred channel without losing context or worrying about regulatory requirements.

Personalized, ongoing conversations

Begin and maintain natural conversations with a secure messaging solution that’s built for financial advisor needs.

Client first. Mobile a close second.

Respond to client preferences with a mobile-first experience, even behind secured and authenticated areas.

Secure Messenger Client Interaction Hub Co-Apping

A centralized platform to reduce advisor stress and maximize core activities

Context is key

Full client information at a glance – client segment, contact details, and previous client interactions.

Define and refine

Label client segments to offer each individual client a more tailored and personalized client experience.

Make the first move

Broadcast segment-focused product, service, or research updates to spark insightful conversations, or begin a one-on-one interaction.

Bring into the loop

Bridge the front and back office by bringing together the right teams in a unified conversation.

AI Co-pilot

The most relevant knowledge at your advisors’ fingertips regardless of the channel.

Interaction Management Hub Secure Messenger

Meaningful client communication with an in-person experience (that’s actually digital)

Flexible calling options

Video & Voice for an authentic experience that improves client satisfaction.

Collaborate and close

A robust, secure remote collaboration experience – including digital signature capabilities.

Video & Voice Document Collaboration Co-Browsing

The strictest security measures for complete peace of mind

Secured authentication

Ensure user authentication by leveraging your financial organization’s current KYC security protocols such as passwords or biometrics.

Native call solution

Retain full data control with no third party data processing for any elements of voice and video calls.

Communication recording

All interactions – whether texts, calls, or beyond – are recorded and stored to comply with industry regulations.

Data security standards

Data is safely stored and never shared with third parties to protect client privacy and streamline regulatory compliance.

Flexible deployment options

Whether on-premise or on the Unblu Financial Cloud, you can choose the data hosting location and stay compliant with the highest level of security standards.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Intercept sensitive data such as credit card numbers to avoid transmission – or integrate with your existing DLP solution.

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