Revolutionizing the Advisory Experience

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Empower the people who deliver an expert advisory service

As the Head of Advisory, Alex oversees strategic planning and execution of investment advisory services, leading a team of advisors to optimize client portfolios and achieve financial goals. This involves:

  • Build lasting relationships with clients through personalized advice
  • Maximizing conversions and boosting AUM growth over time
  • Maintain compliance standards to safeguard the firm’s reputation and client assets
  • Maintain compliance standards to safeguard the firm’s reputation and client assets
  • Manual processes consume much of his team’s time
  • Differentiating the companies’ service from the competition and disruptors

Relevant and contextual advice

Provide instant responses and offer powerful remote collaboration assistance to boost client satisfaction and long-term loyalty

Maximize quality advisor time

Cut down on time-consuming admin tasks by benefiting from a centralized platform for all interactions with the clients

Secure and compliant conversations

Unblu adheres to rigorous standards and ensures your interactions are recorded in a secure environment

As the Relationship Manager, Rebecca’s goal is to build lasting relationships with her clients by growing their wealth and being their go-to in financial matters. This involves:

  • Achieve financial KPIs and contribute to the bank’s revenue growth
  • Help high net-worth clients grow and protect their wealth
  • Provide holistic financial solutions
  • Ensuring all interactions meet regulatory compliance
  • Handling paperwork due to regulation and limited digitalization
  • Spending too much time on administrative tasks
  • Managing emotionally challenging situations when clients are upset

Secure and convenient interactions

Provide clients with expert advice in a way that mimics how they interact in daily lives – while also adhering to messaging compliance regulations

In-person experience digitally

Whether it’s an ad-hoc call or scheduled meeting, level up the experience with collaboration tools such as co-browsing and whiteboarding

Enhance advisors’ skills

Unblu’s Conversational AI can quickly comprehend client inquiries and provide financial advisors with accurate recommendations

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