The Conversational Platform for Financial Services

Unblu is a Swiss software company, founded in 2008, that helps the world’s leading banks and insurance companies to improve customer experience and boost transactions. Unblu has been part of Swiss Post Ltd since November, 2022.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop software for financial services institutions which enables meaningful conversations between financial service providers and their customers. We work hard, we laugh, never stop learning and celebrate our success together. Take a look behind the scenes at Unblu and meet the team. If you like what you see we are hiring!

More than 15 years partnering with financial institutions

Unblu has been working for over 15 years in the financial space. We have helped with over 150 banking and financial service implementations worldwide, including projects for UBS, Deutsche Bank and Intesa Sanpaolo. Unblu is the only Conversational Platform with reference implementations and partnerships with leading banking system companies including Temenos, Avaloq, Q2, Backbase, Ebankit, and more.

Our leadership team

With a wealth of financial and software experience, we’ve got a well-seasoned team at the helm.

Luc Haldimann


Jens Rabe


Mirko Tschäni

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Faris

Chief Financial Officer

Elena Gilota

Chief Legal Officer

Javier Puga

Chief Marketing Officer

Ramona Swadling

EVP Human Resources

Hakan Kocabeyoglu

EVP Product

Arnold Christe

RVP Consulting Services EMEA
Reto Ackermann

Reto Ackermann

VP Finances

David Eberlein

VP Core Product Development
Michael Gysel

Michael Gysel

  • Unblu has been a great place to work. The variety and autonomy I desire coupled with a passionate organization that is driven to succeed.

    Brad Amberley

    Pre-Sales Engineer/Solution Consultant Canada
  • The countless opportunities to learn everyday, the diversity of my work and last but not least the great people I work with. I like how supportive my team members are and how they are ready to help everyone who needs support, anytime.

    Mihaela Vlahovska

    Graphic Designer Bulgaria
  • The open-minded and diverse culture is great. And I really appreciate that my research influences the development of the product. We are all working on the same goal and we have a great team spirit.

    Sabine Mangold

    UX researcher Switzerland
  • I used to be a nomad, changing my career constantly after a certain amount of time.
    After nearly two years with Unblu, I’m not feeling bored anymore and enjoy doing my work every day.
    I think it’s because of the amazing, talented, dedicated and caring people at Unblu.

    Deyang Khamritshang

    Business Project Lead Switzerland
  • A top-notch product and a diverse global team of superstars are what make Unblu special. You feel welcomed and your colleagues are ready to help you out at a moment’s notice. Be it technical expertise or non-technical expertise, there is always something new to learn and share at Unblu. My steepest learning curve so far.

    Anirudh Choudary

    Service Delivery Consultant/ Technical Project Manager Switzerland


Unblu has partnered with the Zurich Transport Network [German: Zürcher Verkehrsverbund, ZVV) to enhance the customer service experience on their website. By implementing Live Chat on the website, ZVV has diversified its channel offering and provided its customers with greater options to engage with customer service professionals.  Text-based support is growing in popularity as it is considered more friendly and efficient by Gen Z and digital native clients. It also empowers the customer service team to solve more issues in a timely manner. Using the software, each agent can handle two conversations simultaneously without negatively impacting the experience. Live Chat and embedded Co-Browsing are key building blocks in our overall omni-channel strategy to implement better service for our clients. Dieter Fischer, Head of Customer Service ZVV Live Chat will be introduced on the ZVV website, offering customers a quick, simple channel for instant service support. In addition, embedded Co-Browsing will serve as a visual support tool to help agents understand inquiries more quickly; reducing time spent resolving an issue will improve satisfaction for clients and agents alike.  “We are delighted with this new partnership opportunity. ZVV perfectly understands the value of text channels, and we look forward to designing the next steps of their digital communication journey with them,” said Jens Rabe, COO of Unblu.

The leading conversational engagement platform Unblu has achieved the System and Organization Controls (SOC 2) Type 2 compliance. Carried out by leading financial services auditing firm BDO, the report offers an independent and thorough assessment of the effectiveness of Unblu’s information security controls, based on the Framework defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). In conjunction with the SOC certifications, which are the gold standard for cloud-based service provision in the United States, Unblu also has international accreditations in the form of ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018. The SOC 2 Type 2 audit examines how cloud-based service providers manage their customers’ sensitive information, focusing on company control suitability as well as its operating effectiveness. Taking place over an extended period, the audit and subsequent report details the functionality of the company’s systems and controls according to the Trust Service Criteria (TSC). With this achievement, Unblu continues its history of protecting customer data following cutting-edge best practices and security measures. Unblu previously achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance, which audits the internal control policies in place at a single point in time and analyzes their suitability. The SOC Type 2 offers an even greater examination of these security features, with the testing having taken place over a period of ten months. “Many of our U.S. clients respect and value the SOC reports and we always want to go above and beyond in ensuring their trust in us is well placed,” said Unblu CEO Luc Haldimann. “With the SOC 2 Type 2, we are continuing on that journey and reaffirming our position as an industry point of reference in compliance and security.” In conjunction with the SOC certifications, which are the gold standard for cloud-based service provision in the United States, Unblu also has international accreditations in the form of ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018. These certifications – centered around information security management, cloud-based security best practices, and cloud computing privacy standards respectively – provide assurance of our suitable information security measures to customers around the world. This most recent success not only adds to this legacy of data security excellence and solidifies international trust in Unblu, but it also further establishes Unblu’s leading position in the North American market.  For more information about Unblu’s security policy, please consult our website.

The partnership between Clinc’s industry leading Conversational AI and Unblu’s human to human conversational solutions will allow financial institutions to create digital experiences that will radically boosts client satisfaction. By incorporating digital tools that prioritize conversation, banks and credit unions can create a flexible and personalized service that increases opportunities to build successful relationships. While other Conversational AI vendors rely solely on text, Clinc has perfected and promotes a Voice-First strategy, recognizing the rapid increase in consumer preference to interact through voice versus a manually inputted text dialogue. Unblu favors a hybrid approach, recognizing that technology can help facilitate better conversations with authentic human interaction. In this context, conversational banking combines the best of both worlds, offering the processing power, data-storage capabilities, and connectivity of technology without sacrificing real human connection. The new partnership between Clinc and Unblu further enhances this, ensuring customers have access to the latest in AI technology while also building relationships based on trust and expertise. Clinc offers both authenticated and unauthenticated AI-driven virtual assistants providing self-service banking across a multitude of functions as simple as requesting password reset to transferring funds and applying for loans. Clinc’s AI technology uses natural language processing to uniquely understand how users talk and can understand both slang and context. The conversation is controlled by the end-user versus the voicebot forcing them into rigid, limited options, resulting in a positive user experience. “The agreement with Clinc strengthens our position in North America and allows both companies to offer a unique product and value proposition. With the integration of both solutions, banks and credit unions will be able to design hybrid customer journeys, combining the best of AI with human advice through the digital channel,” said Lisa Joseph, President of Unblu Americas. “Integration and strategic partnerships are absolutely essential in building a true Virtual Assistant or the functionality and customer experience will fall short. We are so proud to join forces with such a formidable leader as Unblu, a proven innovator with over 160 clients across the world,” said Jon Newhard, Chief Executive Officer.

Unblu has announced the acquisition of the Swiss-based SaaS provider adiacom. Based in Aarau, adiacom is highly specialized in developing and implementing video and remote advice solutions for highly regulated sectors such as banking, insurance, and government. The company boasts a long-standing and loyal user base in the DACH region with customers such as Valiant Bank, VZ VermögensZentrum, VEMA, Netze BW, City of Aarau, Netfonds, Baloise Versicherung, Bank CIC, BLKB or ISS Switzerland.  “By acquiring adiacom, we’re continuing with our vision of enabling the end-to-end financial digital engagement experience any time, anywhere, on any device. The adiacom product, team, and the existing customer base are a perfect fit from a technology, industry, and cultural perspective" Luc Haldimann, CEO of Unblu “By acquiring adiacom, we’re continuing with our vision of enabling the end-to-end financial digital engagement experience any time, anywhere, on any device. The adiacom product, team, and existing customer base are a perfect fit from a technology, industry, and cultural perspective. By integrating adiacom solutions into our platform, we will enlarge the number of use cases we will be able to support for our customers in the future. This will drive fantastic synergies for both the adiacom customer base, but also existing Unblu customers”, explains Luc Haldimann, CEO and Founder at Unblu.  adiacom will become Unblu    adiacom will be fully integrated into the Unblu organization, benefiting from Unblu’s global reach and ability to serve its clients around the clock. Adiacoms’ product portfolio will be fully supported within the larger organization ensuring the protection of the investments which clients made into the adiacom technology stack. “It is great to welcome the adiacom team to the Unblu family and we are excited to work with such seasoned real-time communication experts joining our R&D and services organization,” said Mirko Tschäni, Unblu’s CTO.   As we are welcoming adiacom’s customers and employees, Patrick Näf, owner of adiacom comments, “this is great news for our customers and employees. Joining a company like Unblu is positive in many different ways. For our existing customers, they will benefit from having direct access to new solutions that will improve the way they do digital business today. For our employees, joining a larger organization working in the same field will open up new professional development opportunities. We are excited about this new phase”.  Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price of the transaction.   

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