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Live Chat and Co-Browsing introduced on the ZVV website to support travelers

Unblu has partnered with the Zurich Transport Network [German: Zürcher Verkehrsverbund, ZVV) to enhance the customer service experience on their website.

By implementing Live Chat on the website, ZVV has diversified its channel offering and provided its customers with greater options to engage with customer service professionals. 

Text-based support is growing in popularity as it is considered more friendly and efficient by Gen Z and digital native clients. It also empowers the customer service team to solve more issues in a timely manner. Using the software, each agent can handle two conversations simultaneously without negatively impacting the experience.

Live Chat and embedded Co-Browsing are key building blocks in our overall omni-channel strategy to implement better service for our clients.

Dieter Fischer, Head of Customer Service ZVV

Live Chat will be introduced on the ZVV website, offering customers a quick, simple channel for instant service support. In addition, embedded Co-Browsing will serve as a visual support tool to help agents understand inquiries more quickly; reducing time spent resolving an issue will improve satisfaction for clients and agents alike. 

“We are delighted with this new partnership opportunity. ZVV perfectly understands the value of text channels, and we look forward to designing the next steps of their digital communication journey with them,” said Jens Rabe, COO of Unblu.

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