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Totalamber uses unblu to demonstrate its new integrated service offering

Totalamber, the world´s leading provider of integrated ERP Services and Support, uses unblu to deliver a seamless, download free, online presentation & survey experience to their clients.

For over 14 years, Totalamber has been a name synonomous with the provision of quality services for the design, rollout, implementation, upgrade, enhancement, support and replacement of key Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

A key to Totalambers’ service excellence is its ability to determine a customers’ pain points in an ERP implementation and its related business processes. Totalamber makes extensive use of structured interviews in combination with online data gathering to ensure its service delivery proposals are founded on a statistically relevant dataset.

The Totalamber teams based in Sri Lanka and the UK have used the unblu service to spontaneously demonstrate their new integrated ‘WebQuarters’ product and effectively generate interest and sales. The ability of a sales consultant to present the product on the spot and in conjunction with the client without the subject having to install any software has been invaluable.

It has really helped the consultants to build on the sales pitch way beyond a simple phone call. Clients only need to enter a security code, whilst on the phone and they will automatically join the consultants’ screen within their browser session. Online forms can be filled out together and the consultant can create a real feel for the service which you simply couldn’t achieve with traditional media or collateral.

In contrast to screen sharing technologies, unblu allows us to offer an instantly available, collaborative web experience to our potential and current clients. The use of the online demonstrations has helped our sales team to more effectively build up a picture of the product and its benefits, far beyond what a normal telephone call would have achieved. The use of the unblu service has genuinely resulted in client shock as we, in real time, show them our products and services.

Daniel Hackney, ICT Director Totalamber

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