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Unblu cloud service successfully certified for ISO 27001

Leading financial services software provider Unblu today announced that they have successfully attained the ISO 27001 certification, the global standard for information security. As the culmination of a two-year drive focused on the refinement of Unblu’s information security management system, the certification bolsters the company’s cloud-based offering for the financial services industry. 

Compliance with the ISO 27001 standard, which contains 10 clauses and 114 security controls grouped into 14 sections, gives Unblu a competitive edge in the financial technology space. Few competitors have received the same recognition for their information security efforts and, compared to many platforms currently utilized in financial institutions, Unblu’s now ISO-certified offering represents a clear step forward.

The certification will not only be instrumental in gaining the faith of financial institutions running on Unblu, but also in establishing the platform’s reputation as a reliable cloud-based solution. As an internationally recognized standard, the ISO 27001 certification satisfies the stipulations of GDPR, a data protection level that many institutions strive for. Undoubtedly, this will offer a sanity factor to both existing and potential Unblu partners.

Commenting on the successful ISO 27001 attainment, Unblu CEO Luc Haldimann emphasized the centrality of information security for the company’s mission. “I’m delighted that years of innovation and effort in Unblu’s information security management system have come to fruition. Making sure that our cloud-based services meet the most rigorous security standards has always been on our agenda, since this requirement is even more pronounced in the financial services industry. Now that our technology is ISO-certified, I believe we can do even more with our offering and prove that we’ll go the extra mile to keep customer data as safe as possible.”

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