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unblu facilitates digital on-boarding for banks through simplified video identification process

Leading live engagement solutions company expand their financial services solution portfolio to incorporate video identification used in on-boarding scenarios for banks

Live engagement software specialist unblu announced today it has expanded its software to include a video identification element, enabling a quick and simple digital on-boarding process. Digital on-boarding is of particular value to the banking industry as they continue their struggle to become more flexible not only in their technology but also in their operations and culture. A step which is imperative in order to acquire customers and satisfy their expectations in a digitally transforming world.

Our passion and dedication for developing our product to fit the needs of the industry is already well known and appreciated amongst our clients.  We are thrilled to incorporate a video identification solution to increase efficiency and create an unprecedented customer experience 

Luc Halidmann CEO, unblu inc.

The digitization of processes and innovation of client interfaces is currently on the agenda of every banking institute as the competition from Fintechs increases and the pressure to reduce dropout rate and improve ROI increases. Banks are looking for solutions whereby they can offer clients their services, including opening an account remotely, at the convenience of the client and without postal exchanges or having to visit a bank. unblu´s solution is unique as it combines a video chat capability with co-browsing, allowing the bank to map the account opening process entirely on their existing digital front end, avoiding media disruption and guaranteeing the best possible end customer experience.

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