Convenient conversations to maximize revenue

Schedule one-off meetings that become a secure space for ongoing back-and-forth collaboration.

Regular appointments

Unblu allows agents and advisors to proactively engage with their clients on a regular basis, embedding financial advice in their daily lives.


Keep the channel open after the meeting ends to share ongoing research, messages, files – or schedule follow-up discussions to close the deal.

Shift in client preferences accelerated by Covid-19


had used a video call to
communicate with an advisor


are willing to do a video call to
communicate with an advisor


prefer a video solution to a face-
to-face meeting

Source: Accenture

A secure hub to discuss complex financial topics

Invite your customers

Simple, secure meeting scheduling. Your clients will automatically receive an invitation with all relevant information.

Secure and authenticated

Unblu Scheduled Conversations can be public or private. When security is needed, leverage your existing authentication mechanism to ensure compliant client conversations.

Prepare your meetings

Prepare the conversation beforehand and admit the customer or client when you see fit. That way, any files, websites, or documents can be ready and waiting in the secure environment before the conversation kicks off.

Focus on your customer needs

When the meeting starts both clients and advisors have access to all Unblu conversational capabilities, including all collaboration functionalities that the Unblu platform offers.

Leave compliance to us

Any interaction that takes place using Unblu is recorded, encrypted, and securely stored to ensure communication-related compliance regulations are met.

Learn more about our recording capabilities

Add online appointment scheduling to your website

Streamline the experience to increase meeting sign-ups

Let website visitors decide how they want to engage

First contact can happen in different ways. Some prefer to fill out a form – while others are ready for a voice call. What’s universal, however, is that nobody likes to wait in line.

Put the power in your customers hands with a feature-rich ecosystem that allows them to book a consultation at the time of their choosing.

  • “…consultation meetings from online appointments tend to have significantly higher conversion rates than meetings arranged in other ways


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