Real-time visual support for increased communication efficiency

Transform a conversation by providing visual context – creating opportunities for enhanced interaction.


See what your customers see

Screen sharing allows participants to share the content of their screens and watch as the other participant interacts with it.

Choose what you’d like to share

Participants can share part or all of their desktop, plus any media on their devices, without having to send or download files.

Keep track of what you share

Unblu can record screen sharing sessions. Keeping records of all investment conversations is essential in the scope of MiFID II.

Achieve customer service excellence with screen sharing

Share internal applications 

Reach a resolution more quickly by sharing an internal desktop application with the customer to access enhanced tools.

Give real-time feedback

Share or receive draft proposals and other relevant documents to ensure maximum comprehension between advisor and customer.

Information-sharing for quicker comprehension

Customers can share information stored on their devices to ensure the advisor and the customer are on the same page.

Screen sharing - Unblu

Collaboration recording

Record all collaboration sessions – including screen sharing – with our conversation recording feature.

Learn more about conversation recording

Improve support times and enhance engagement

  • Increase efficiency

Share documents or applications to make the financial advice more productive, efficient, and quicker over all.

  • Elevate the engagement

By providing advice that is tailored to each individual’s needs, the customer feels more confident in their advisor – deepening the relationship over time.

  • Power up the experience

Combined with Unblu’s Conversational Engagement Platform, screen sharing offers the opportunity to take financial consultations to the next level.

  • Take part in meaningful conversations

Have more meaningful and human interactions while retaining the convenience and efficiency of digital banking.

Screen sharing or Co-Browsing: Which should I use?

Co-Browsing goes beyond screen sharing by allowing customers and advisors to not just view but also interact and collaborate with each other on e-banking applications, customer portals, websites, or documents.

While screen sharing is a useful feature, Co-Browsing offers more in terms of collaboration potential and, more importantly, security. Co-Browsing is always encrypted to remain compliant and ensure customer confidentiality.

More on Co-browsing

Unleash the full power of conversations

Enterprise-ready conversational technology to ensure an exceptional customer experience, every time.

Advise with Secure Messenger

Increase client interaction with our secure in-app text messaging solution.

Ai and Live Chat - Unblu

Support with AI and Live Chat

The support your customers love. Fast, efficient, and human when it has to be.

Video and voice - Unblu

Connect with Video & Voice

A quicker, cost-effective way to connect with customers and close deals.

Collaborate with Co-Browsing

View and interact with a customer’s application in a compliant way – no downloads required.

Document Co-Browsing - Unblu

View and sign documents together

Be more efficient by sharing, navigating, and signing documents together.

WhatsApp Integration - Unblu

Third-party messaging integration

Unblu’s messaging features can be integrated with popular social messaging applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, or more.

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