15 years of continuous growth

We’ve helped 170+ financial sector customers transform their digital channels.


Creating robust digital channels for an efficient, white glove service

As a technology provider specializing in a complex subject matter, Carta needed a mix of robust self-service tools and high-touch collaboration capabilities to ensure customer satisfaction.

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We’ve found that investing a bit more handle time on a single interaction can pay significant dividends in customer happiness and long-term team-level productivity.”


Leveraging Live Chat and Co-Browsing to increase and improve client interactions

Banca Dello Stato’s collaboration with Unblu demonstrates how text channels can divert phone calls to more efficient channels while increasing client satisfaction.

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Incorporating Live Chat and Co-Browsing has transformed our ability to deliver a more efficient and higher-quality service experience. Making these digital channels available in addition to the physical ones is one of the ways in which we express our closeness to customers.”


Valiant Bank’s hybrid branches – powered by Unblu Branch

Valiant’s collaboration with Unblu demonstrates how embracing technology with a forward-thinking mindset can boost business, reduce branch costs, and transform the service experience.

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Agents are able to take video calls, phone calls, or exchange Live Chat messages with customers who are in the branch. Not only has there been a smooth transfer of in-branch tasks to our digital service, but customers are more willing to accept the new design because of the digital components.”


Leveraging Unblu to increase product conversion 

Offering superior customer service goes beyond easing the strain on phone lines or email channels. It’s also a tool to unleash untapped value.
Raiffeisenbank’s collaboration with Unblu demonstrates how strong customer service can empower banks to increase their product conversion rate

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“Excellent customer service creates a baseline that makes all cross-sell or upsell opportunities possible and an omnichannel approach is essential to achieve this. We need to be where the customer wants to interact and provide a variety of options based on preference. This is what Unblu helps us to do.”


Ensuring a smooth digital migration

Crédit Agricole next bank (Suisse) identified and anticipated potential areas of friction in their customer journey when planning to migrate to a new e-banking environment. By partnering with Unblu, they managed to maintain a smooth experience throughout their client onboarding process and boosted their call center efficiency.

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« A significant amount of remote interactions could lead to creating more value. Unblu’s collaborative tools will help us drive remote sales and consultancy services. »


Outstanding Client Service

Acting as the main client service interface for Swiss Post agents, Unblu enables diverse means of engagement through either embedded features or dedicated APIs. The implementation of WhatsApp marks the latest milestone in this ongoing project, which also includes phone support, live chat, and written requests.

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« Our combination of Chatbot and Live Chat has proven quite successful over the last years. The introduction of asynchronous messaging will give our organization an even stronger edge to increase client satisfaction. »


Supporting local customers with their financial goals

80% of Swiss Cantonal Banks uses Unblu. Swiss Cantonal Banks are well-trusted institutions with a long history in their communities. 

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« Unblu is only one piece of our digital portfolio, but one with a big impact. I would never like to work without Unblu again »


Next Gen Mobile Video Banking Service goes live in Qatar

Qatar Islamic Bank has deployed Unblu mobile collaboration capabilities to support their clients around the globe. With Unblu’ Video & Voice, Chat and Mobile Co-browsing capabilities added to QIB mobile App, clients will be able to benefit from a Video Banking service. Currently available when a customer applies for instant finance, it will be rolled out to cover other products and services in the future.

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« Video Banking is another market-first for QIB, which merges the online and offline world, taking our digital customer experience to a new level. Digital innovation and customer-centricity are core components of our business strategy and mission to revolutionize the banking scene in Qatar and beyond »


Co-browsing for better live consultation in Digital Banking

UBS has deployed Unblu’s collaboration capabilities for advising and supporting customers on their Digital Banking platform. The new service is available to all UBS clients using UBS Digital Banking. 

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“Sometimes customers have questions they are not quite sure how to formulate. This is why we offer co-browsing”


Bringing clients closer to their advisors 

Thanks to Unblu’s technology, Renta 4 Banco has enabled its managers to engage with customers via chat, secure messaging, video calls along with a number of collaboration tools that allow them to do their work with customers remotely. 

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The bank’s main concern over the last few months has been to protect our investors’ assets, and once this objective has been achieved, we now seek to be closer to our clients. We want to be able to offer them the same quality of service that they are used to, even if the channels we have to use are different.


Enabling Member-Centric Digital Banking Experiences for Credit Unions 

Celero, a leading provider of digital technology and integration solutions to credit unions and financial institutions across Canada, has chosen Unblu’s Conversational Platform to enable their credit union clients to deliver member-centric experiences via digital channels that are as equally engaging as those within the credit union branch. This integration is integral to Celero’s clients’ goals of increasing members’ comfort and engagement with Celero Xpress, which will ultimately drive adoption and use of the platform.

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Using Unblu’s Conversational Platform, we can provide our clients with a way to support and guide members at every step of their digital journey.


Lowering support costs whilst increasing customer satisfaction

KB serves 1.6 million customers across Central and Eastern Europe. The bank’s goal is to differentiate its offerings with unrivalled customer support and financial advice.
Using Unblu ’s Co-Browsing, the bank introduced the human touch to digital channels, turning a self-service interaction into a personal exchange and the potential for additional revenue.

« As a key part of our digital banking initiatives, Unblu’s co-browsing has enabled us to provide unrivalled customer support, allowing our customer care and financial advisors to reach “through” the screen and be right there alongside our customers, whenever and wherever they need us ».


Supporting customers efficiently when protecting what they care about. 

Completing online forms is a constant for the insurance business – be it for new contract generation or case management. But it can be both tedious and confusing for customers. AON consultants use Co-Browsing right there in the customer’s web browser to guide them through the forms, making all the difference.

The tool is excellent. Data fields with sensitive information are redacted so customers feel that their information is secure.

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