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Evolving Your Digital Engagement Journey

In today’s financial services landscape, customer experience is a defining factor for brand success and survival. Organizations must stay aware of the seismic shifts in customer preferences, treating digital demands as calls to action. But as they develop new ways of delivering their services, financial institutions face the challenge of balancing cost efficiency with customer centricity.

In this on-demand webinar, industry experts address this challenge through the lens of Carta’s drive to deliver stand-out digital experiences. Featuring insights from Dave DeMarco, Carta VP Delivery and Business System and Jens Rabe, Unblu COO, the discussion tackles the questions at the heart of digital evolution in financial services. As they delve into the critical but delicate balance of self-service channels and human-led support, the webinar offers actionable advice that can help organizations to craft a future-proof digital engagement strategy.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why leveraging digital doesn’t have to limit humanized customer experiences
  • How to unlock customer satisfaction while driving long-term cost efficiency
  • Why omnichannel strategies are the best way to deliver seamless customer journeys
  • What the future holds for digital CX transformation—and how to get ahead of the curve

About Carta

Carta is a San Francisco, California-based technology company that specializes in capitalization table management and valuation software. The company digitizes paper stock certificates along with stock options, warrants, and derivatives to help companies, investors and employees manage their equity, while creating a real-time picture of company ownership.

Presented by
Dave DeMarco
Dave DeMarco VP Delivery and Business Systems at Carta
Jens Rabe
Jens Rabe Co-CEO
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